Find the Magic in your Heart Mixed Media


“Find the Magic in your Heart” Mixed Media
Created by Sophia Vida

I created this piece for the Readers Challenge in Somerset Studios. The rules were to create mixed media art in black and white with a little color, if so desired. Although my submission didn’t make it in the magazine, I had a lot of fun creating this piece and wanted to share it with you.

I love black and white. It’s a classic and beautiful color combination. I’m always in awe of artists who create gorgeous art with these two colors. But for me, this was quite a challenge since I love lots of color. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way.

For this Project you will need:

– 8 x 10″ Canvas
– Golden Fiber Paste
Golden Fiber Paste
– Stencil of your choice
– Palette Knife
– Washi Tape
– Scrap paper
– Cardstock – Black
– White tissue paper
– Script Stamp
– Black Chiffon 18″ x 2″
– Staz On Ink – Black
– Distress Ink – Black Soot
– White Acrylic Paint
– Fine Paint Brush
– Paper Clay
– Stickles
– Sharpie Metallic Silver Pen
– Silver Square Jewelry Embellishments
– Heart Shaped Punches – Medium and Small
– Matte Mod Podge
– Black Floss
– Needle
– Stylus with small point
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– Gesso
– Small sponge applicator
– Clean water and paper towels

  1. Adhere torn pieces of paper and washi tape to 8” x 10” canvas.
  2. Using fiber paste and a palette knife, add stencils to your canvas. Let dry.
  3. Using a script stamp and Staz On Black Ink, stamp images on your canvas.
  4. For more texture apply torn pieces of white tissue paper to your canvas. Partially cover some of the stenciled and stamped images. Let dry.
  5.  Apply a thin wash of Gesso over parts of your canvas, making sure not to completely cover the background.
  6. Distress edges of canvas with Black Soot Distress ink. Let dry.
  7. Using a black Gelato, make a wash and distress parts of your canvas. Let dry.
  8. Seal canvas with a coat of Matte Mod Podge.
  9. Cut an 18” x 2” strip of chiffon, wrap it around the canvas and tie a bow, cut off excess. Add fabric flower.
  10. Adhere embellishments and sentiment to your canvas.
  11. Create a 3” heart from paper clay. Smooth over rough edges with your finger and a little water. Stamp a design on the front. Add holes around the edges. Roll the right side of the heart down. Let air dry according to manufacturer instructions.
  12. Distress the heart with Black Soot Distress Ink.
  13. Punch out large and small hearts from brightly colored cardstock, distress edges with Black Soot Ink and add highlights. Adhere to your canvas, just behind where the paper clay heart will go.
  14. Using black floss, sew the heart onto the canvas.
  15. Finish by accenting your embellishments and canvas with stickles. Let dry and Voila! You have a beautiful work of art!!

DSC_0050_FindtheMagicinyourHeart_TopView  DSC_0042_FindtheMagicinyourHeart_BottomView 

DSC_0034_FindtheMagicinyourHeart_Sentiment      DSC_0034_FindtheMagicinyourHeart_Jewelry     DSC_0034_FindtheMagicinyourHeart_BlackFlowerEmbellish


Love Altered Book – Take 2

Love is in the Air DSC_0011 Main

“Love Altered Book – Take 2”
Created by Sophia Vida

I wanted to share with you a couple more pages I created in my Love Altered Book. This is a work in progress and you can see my first pages here:

I’m really enjoying this creative process and will post more pages as I go.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love is in the air DSC_0010 Cupid     Love is in the air DSC_0008cupid hearts

Love is in the air DSC_0017 heart



Love Altered Book


“Love Altered Book”
Created by Sophia Vida

I bought the “Somerset in Love” magazine from Stampington. I was thrilled when it arrived. It was packed full of romantic altered books created by various artists. It was simply beautiful.

Somset in Love Magazine

Inspired by their work I decided I would give it a try so I set out to my local craft store and purchased an inexpensive board book. To prep the book I sanded each page to remove the glossy finish so my paints and finishes would stick better. Next I applied 2 coats of gesso to each page. Once this was dry I was ready to start my new adventure.

I painted these two pages in white paint and distressed them with Tea Dye ink. I added faux stitching to the edges with a gold metallic sharpie pen. Next I added heart-shaped stamps to each page using acrylic paint.

While the paint was drying I printed 2 vintage images from my computer on heavy cardstock and cut them out. I glued one of the images onto a square of pink fabric. The other was glued onto paper heart doilies which I had on hand from Wilton Cake decorating. I painted the edges and center of the white heart doily with pink and red acrylic paint so it would stand out from the background more.

I found an extra clay heart I had made from a previous Valentine card and added that to one of my pages along with other ephemera that I had in my supply stash. Last but not least, I added a little bling with Stardust Stickles and Voila! I had two fun pages in my new Love Book.

Hope you enjoy creating your own altered book!

Supplies used for the project:

– Inexpensive Board Book
– Sandpaper
– Gesso
– Acrylic Paint: White, Red, Pink, Purple
– Assorted Heart Stamps
– Tea Dye Distress Ink
– Sharpie Gold Metallic Marker
– Paint Brush
– Assorted Valentine/Love Ephemera
– 2 Vintage Valentine Prints
– Aleenes Tacky Glue

LoveAlteredAbookDSC_0007ILoveYou          LoveAlteredBookDSC_0006ValentineforYou

LoveAlteredBookDSC_0008Hearts          LoveAlteredBookDSC_0011Flower

Love Is In The Air Mixed Media


“Love is in the air” Mixed Media
Created by Sophia Vida

I saw an article in the Somerset Workshop Magazine where the artist created clay pieces that were stitched onto the canvas. I thought that was a really fun idea and couldn’t wait to give it a try. I found a set of really cute cookie cutters by Wilton Cake decorating at my craft store and used those for the heart balloons.

Normally I work with Fimo Polymer Clay but I wanted to try something a little different so I used the Crayola Air Dry clay instead. I found a package where they gave you small individual packets of clay which were perfect since I only needed a small amount for this piece.

I had to improvise with the stitching a bit. The smaller canvases available in my craft store had a large wooden border on the back. This wasn’t quite what I was looking for because I wanted to stitch several hearts and didn’t want to clump them all together in the center of the canvas. So I stitched the hearts first with the floss, glued them in place and then stitched parts of them onto the canvas. This ended up working very well.

For this Project you will need:

– Golden Fiber Paste
Golden Fiber Paste
– Stencil of your choice
– Palette Knife
– Matte Mod Podge
– Faber Castell Pitt Pen
– Acrylic Paints: Turquoise, Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Gloss Red
– Crayola Model Magic .5 oz White – 6 ct
– Heart shaped cookie cutters
– White Floss
– Needle
– Stylus with small point
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– 8″ x 8″ canvas panel
– Gesso
– Small sponge applicator
– Clean water and paper towels

  1. Apply a coat of gesso to your canvas with the sponge applicator and let dry.
  2. Roll out your clay on a clean surface. Using your heart-shaped cookie cutters make 3 large and 2 small hearts. While the clay is still soft, make holes around the edges for the stitching. I used a stylus with a small pointy tip (you can also use a toothpick or skewer). Let dry according to package directions.
  3. Paint your canvas medium blue. Let dry.
  4. Mix a little navy blue paint with the fiber paste. Using a palette knife apply to left side of canvas. Mix a little turquoise blue paint with the fiber paste. Again using the palette knife apply to left and bottom sides of your canvas. You can also use a stencil and apply a little to the right top corner. Let dry. Note: Don’t apply a lot of fiber paste to the center and right side of your canvas. Otherwise your sentiment and hearts will not lay flat and it will be much harder to pierce the canvas when you are stitching the hearts in place.
  5. Paint your hearts with gloss red. Use 2-3 coats for good coverage. Allow to dry between coats.
  6. Now to put it all together. If your canvas has a smaller, thin frame go to Step 7. However, if your canvas has a wide wood frame as shown below, stitch your hearts with the floss first.  Make sure to leave about an 8″ piece of floss at the very bottom to tie off your balloons. Glue the hearts into place and move to Step 8. Note: A few stitches on each side of the hearts will do.

    LoveIsInTheAirDSC_0062Back     LoveIsInTheAirDSC_0061Stitching
  7. Smaller Frame Canvases: Glue your hearts into place with the tacky glue. Then stitch your entire heart onto the canvas. Make sure to leave about an 8″ piece of floss at the very bottom to tie off your balloons.
  8. From your computer print the sentiment “Love is in the air” using the Harrington Font size 28. Using the Pitt pen draw boxes around each word and cut out. Glue your sentiment to the right side of the canvas using the Mod Podge.
  9. Cut a 6″ piece of floss. Wrap it around your balloon strings and tie it off with a bow. Trim as needed. Adhere the back of the bow to the canvas. Pull your balloon strings and tape them underneath your canvas until the glue has dried. Then remove the tape, trim the strings in different lengths. Voila!! You have a beautiful Mixed Media Work of Art!!

Valentine’s Day Card


Valentine’s Day Card
(created by Sophia Vida)

This is a pretty quick and easy card to make. There is lots of texture which makes it lots of fun! Your recipient will surely love this handmade card. Enjoy!!!

For this Card you will need:

– Great Impressions Happy Valentine’s Day Stamp #D364
– Inkadinkado “You Make My Heart Flutter” Stamp #97573
– Studio G Heart Stamp #2011-10-25 or any other 1-1/2″ Heart Stamp
– Fimo Soft Red Clay
– Clay Machine
– Exacto knife
– Perfect Pearls Kit – Metalics (White)
– Premade Brown 5×7 Card and Envelope
– Cardstock: Bazzill Mudpie, Any Red Garnet 
– Small piece of Brown Burlap
– Ranger Tea Dye Distress Ink
– 4″ Natural Raffia Ribbon
– CuttleBug D’Vine Swirls Embossing Folder
– Versa Fina Onyx Black Ink
– Three 3/4″ Red Glass Discs
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– Glue Stick
– Wax coated paper plate
– Spray bottle with water
– Water for cleaning brush
– Parchment Paper

  1. Condition your Fimo clay by rolling and kneading it. Then run it through the clay machine on a setting of 1.
  2. Place the thin sheet of clay on your parchment paper. Spray your stamp with water (this will kep the clay from sticking to the stamp). Stamp your image directly on the clay (If you’re not happy with the results, simply repeat steps 1 and 2).
  3. Using your exacto knife and very light pressure, gently cut along the outside edge of the heart (If you prefer, place a cutting mat underneath just in case). Once it is fully cut, set the excess clay aside.
  4. Press your heart into the embossing folder and gently peel off.
  5. Dip your brush into water, just enough to dampen it. Dip your brush into the white  Perfect Pearls and begin brushing it on the embossed swirls on your heart.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 and make the second heart.
  7. Place your hearts on a clean piece of parchment paper and bake in the oven on a cookie sheet according to the manufacturers directions.
  8. While the hearts are baking, distress the edges of the card with the Tea Dye ink.
  9. Cut 2 squares from the Brown Mudpie cardstock measuring 2.75″ x 2.75.” Cut 2 squares from the Red Garnet cardstock measuring 2.5″ x 2.5.” Cut 2 squares from the burlap measuring 2″ x 2.”
  10. Layer your squares. Using the glue stick adhere the red square on top of the brown square. Then using  Aleene’s Tacky glue adhere the burlap on top of the red layered square. Repeat this step for the second set. (Tip: if your burlap has creases and isn’t laying flat just wet it with a little water and iron it flat. Make sure it is completely dry before gluing onto the cardstock)
  11. Glue the first layered square to the top left of your card. Glue the second layered square to the bottom right of your card.
  12. Tie a bow with the raffia around one of the red glass discs. Glue the three red discs on the top right of your card above the layered square.
  13. Using the Versa Fine Ink stamp “You Make My Heart Flutter” on the bottom left of the card below the square.
  14. Stamp “Happy Valentine’s Day” inside of the card with the Versa Fine Ink.
  15. Once your hearts have finished baking and have cooled, use the Aleene’s Tacky Glue to adhere them on top of the burlap on each square.Voila! You have a gorgeous handmade Valentine’s Day Card.

Thanks for looking and have lots of fun making this Valentine’s Day card!

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Fall Leaves Card

Fall Leaves Card
(created by Sophia Vida)


For this Card you will need:

–  Inkadinkadoo Maple Leaf Stamp (shown below)
– Sculpey Clay – Jewelery Gold
– Clay Machine
– Exacto knife
– Perfect Pearls Kit – Jewels
– Bazzill Cardstocks: Candlelight (yellow), Tangelo (orange), Burning Ember (copper), Carob (dark brown)
–  Foam Squares 1/16″
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– 28″ Yellow Ribbon
– CuttleBug D’Vine Swirls Embossing Folder
– Index cards
– Wax coated paper plate
– Spray bottle with water
– Water for cleaning brushes

  1. Condition your Sculpey clay by rolling and kneading it. Then run it through the clay machine on a setting of 3.
  2. Place the thin sheet of clay on an index card. 
  3. Spray your stamp with water (this will kep the clay from sticking to the stamp). Stamp your image directly on the clay (If you’re not happy with the results, simply repeat steps 1 and 2).
  4. Using your exacto knife cut along the outside edge of the leaf. Keeping the knife in place and turning the index card as you cut seems to work best for the jagged edges of the leaf. Once it is fully cut, set the excess clay aside.
  5. Repeat steps 1 thru 4 and make the second leaf.
  6. Dip your brush into water, just enough to dampen it. Dip your brush into one of the Perfect Pearls and begin brushing it on your leaf. Use as many colors as you want.
  7. Since you will be baking your leaves on the index cards they need to be dry. If the index card is damp you will need to move your leaf to a dry card before baking. Otherwise the card will warp in the oven and your leaf will not be flat for the card.
  8. Keep your leaves on the index card and place them on a cookie sheet. Bake them in your oven according to the manufacturers directions.
  9. Cut a 12″ x 6″ piece from the Carob cardstock and fold in half. This will be the base of your card.
  10. Cut two 2-1/2″ squares from the Burning Ember cardstock.
  11. Cut two 2-1/4″ squares from the Tangelo cardstock.
  12. Cut two 2″ squares from the Candlelight cardstock.
  13. Cut one 6″ x 2-1/2″ rectangle from the Burning Ember cardstock.
  14. Cut one 5-3/4″ x 2-1/4″ rectangle from the Tangelo cardstock.
  15. Cut one 5-1/2″ x 2″ rectangle from the Candlelight cardstock.
  16. Place your Candlelight rectangle (step 15) diagonally in the Cuttlebug D’Vine Swirls embossing folder and run it through your embossing machine.
  17. Dip your brush into the water. Then dip your wet brush into the Copper Perfect Pearls  and mix a little on the paper plate. Highlight the swirls on the embossed paper (step 16). Let dry.
  18. Layer your squares. Glue the Tangelo square on top of the Burning Ember. Then glue your Candelight on top of the Tangelo. Do this for both sets of squares.
  19. Layer your rectangles the same as the squares.Glue the Tangelo rectangle on top of the Burning Ember. Then glue your Candelight on top of the Tangelo.
  20. Use tacky glue to adhere the leaves to each of the layered squares. Let dry.     
  21. Open your base card and tear about 1-1/4″ edge off right side.
  22. Tie your ribbon around the middle of the card. Close the card.
  23. Glue the layered rectangle to the inside right edge of your card base.
  24. Last position your leaves and adhere them to the top of the card using thin foam squares. Voila! You have a gorgeous card that can be used for any occasion.

Tip: Try blending orange and brown clays with the gold to get a swirled look.

Thanks for looking and have lots of fun making this Fall Leaves card!

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