What a Wonderful World Watercolor

GinaLeeKimPowerofRedDSC_0011-What a Wonderful World Main

“What a wonderful world Watercolor”
Created by Sophia Vida

I wrote about Gina Lee Kim, a very talented watercolor artist in my recent post “Follow your own path.” I love Gina’s work and purchased one of her online classes, “The Power of Red” that is offered through Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. It was well worth the price and these are the two projects I completed.

For the first painting with the shaker window that I made Saturday morning, I used a quote by Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I was really moved by this quote because it makes you wonder….. Then I read Monday he had passed away sometime Saturday night. This was very sad news but the fact that I somehow chose his quote for this painting gave me solace.


The second painting needed journaling in the background and nothing was coming to mind. After giving it a bit of thought I decided to use the beautiful lyrics to Louie Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World.”

GinaLeeKimPowerofRedDSC_0011-What a Wonderful World Main

I don’t want to give away Gina Lee Kim’s tips and techniques so I’m not going to write a how-to for these projects. I do highly recommend purchasing her online course. There are 4 courses in total and the Power of Red was the first one.

You can find a link to the Power of Red online course on Gina Lee Kim’s blog: ginaleekim.blogspot.com. Just click the image on the right side.

Hope you enjoy!!!


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