Sing Your Own Song Mixed Media


“Sing Your Own Song” Mixed Media
Created by Sophia Vida

Debbie Saenz is a very talented artist who created a fabulous mixed media tutorial entitled “Freedom” with step by step photos. You read all about it here on her blog at

I originally found her tutorial on Pinterest and pinned it to my Mixed Media page. It looked like fun so I thought I’d give it a try. I collaged layers upon layers of papers and paints and stenciled some leaves in the bottom corners. I cut this stencil out from a box of Back To Nature Crackers. I really love this design and use this stencil quite a bit. You’ll notice this little leaf popping up in a lot of my art.

My favorite part was creating the bird and the cage. I drew my bird on a manila folder and collaged the reverse side with torn pieces of paper, making sure to stay within the lines. Next I cut it out and adhered it to my canvas on top of the perch. I added a few details and highlights. Once I was happy with the way it looked, I made the cage using glitter puff paint and set it aside to dry.

I finished by adding more details, highlights, doodles and embellishments. That was it! So hop on over to Debbie Saenz’s blog for detailed instructions and start having some fun!


SingYourOwnSong-Sentiment     SingYourOwnSong-Notes


SingYourOwnSong-Leaves     SingYourOwnSong-DragonFly




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