Fall Journal

Nothing is to be Feared Watercolor Tree

“Fall Journal”
Created by Sophia Vida

For this Project you will need:

– Sakura Micron Pens in varying sizes
sakura pens
– Derwent Inktense Pencils
– Kimberly Watercolor Pencils
Kimberly thCA2FHQS2
– Stardust Stickles
– Round Watercolor Brush
– Clean water and paper towels

I have two pieces of inspiration for this painting. First let me say that I finished reading Pam Carriker’s book “Art at the Speed of Life” and thought it was absolutely wonderful. In her book she gives tips on how to manage your art time and schedule it into your busy life. This is something that I’m sure we all struggle with from time to time. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how organized you are, life simply gets in the way and that’s okay.

Pam also gives detailed instructions on various art projects, one of them being on how to make your own book from a single sheet of watercolor paper which is what I created this piece in. This was my first handmade book and I really love it. It has a cool factor because I made it and that in itself was very gratifying.

While on Pinterest I found a tree that was colored using a similar technique to my “Simply Groovy” project. So I decided to go with that. I drew the tree in pencil, then outlined it with the Micron #03 and #05 pens. I colored it with the Kimberly and Inktense pencils and used a wet brush to activate the colors. Once it was dry I added my sentiment and outlined the outer lines of the tree with a thick sharpie marker because the Micron #08 pen wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I couldn’t resist adding a little bling with Stardust Stickles and Voila! I had a one of a kind work of art in my new journal!

For those of you who are interested, this is the book by Pam Carriker:

Art at The Speed of Life Book2




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