Love Art Wood Burning


Love Art
Created by Sophia Vida


The cover of Somerset Studio Mar/Apr 2014 issue caught my eye. It was a vibrant red shimmery heart.  When I read the article by Julie Haymaker Thompson I was pleasantly surprised to find that this project and others she made were with wood burning techniques. I loved the colors and the overall look of her projects. This was something new for me and I couldn’t wait to get started. So off to the craft store I went to get my wood burning tool.

I found one at Michaels that has a variable temperature setting that allows you burn wood, plastic, leather, cork and much more along with several attachments. It even comes with a soldering point. I already had a piece of 6″ x 9″ piece of wood and I used one of her designs but changed it up a bit.

I started by attaching the universal point and allowed the tool to heat for 5 minutes. As a safety, I used a mask which I found at the hardware store because there was smoke involved with this project and I didn’t want to breathe it in. I did a light pencil sketch on the wood and began burning the lines.

It didn’t go quite as planned. You need to hold the tool like a pencil. However, you have to hold it further back, pretty much in the middle to avoid burning your fingers. This made it a little awkward because you have to move slowly for an even burn. But I remained patient and as I started I loved how the burned lines look.

One thing I didn’t take into account when selecting my wood was the curved edges. I thought it would be so easy to burn but I ended up using 3 different tips. The end result was organic and fabulous with light and dark variations in the grain. Definitely worth the extra effort.

LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0019-top edge

After I finished burning the wood, I colored it with my Kimberly watercolor pencils. I used a Niji Paintbrush filled with water to activate the colors and let them absorb into the wood. There were a few places that came out lighter than I wanted so I just went over them again with the pencils.

I drew in my designs in the boxes with a brown Sakura Micron pen. Next I shaded the burned edges with a 2B sketch pencil and softened the lines with a paper blending tool. I then added a few embellishments like rhinestones, sequins, fabric flowers, lace and a button. Last I added a few highlights with Sakura Jelly Roll Pens and Stardust Stickles and Voila! I had a one of a kind work of art!!

LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0006-Flags      LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0006-Flower     LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0006-Lace

LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0012-LOVE     LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0018-ART     LoveArtWoodBurningDSC_0018-Leaf


Supplies Needed:

– 6″ x 9″ piece of wood
– Creative Versa Tool
– Sakura Brown Micron Pen
– Kimberly Watercolor Pencils
Kimberly thCA2FHQS2
– Niji Paintbrush
– 2B Sketch Pencil
– Assorted Sakura Jelly Roll Pens
Sakura Jelly Roll thCAPTC15Q
– Paper Blending Tool
– Assorted Embellishments: rhinestones, sequins, fabric flowers, lace, button and anything else you may like


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