Merry Christmas Mixed Media


Merry Christmas Mixed Media
Created by Sophia Vida

Back in November I saw “the stampers’ sampler” magazine. Although I don’t normally buy this one I couldn’t stop looking at the cover. I loved how the artist used torn pieces of Christmas paper to make this card. I thought it would be such fun to do the same but make a canvas (8″ x 10″) instead.

Stampers Sample Dec 2013-Magazine

So off I went tearing pieces of Christmas papers but I didn’t like how that looked. So I switched gears and decided I would use acrylic paints. But then looking at it, I traveled too far from my inspiration piece. So I started over yet again, lol….

This time I used painters tape to block off different sections. Each section was painted a different color and gold ribbon was used to outline each box. This ended up working rather well. I wanted to keep it clean and simple so I decided not to add any patterned backgrounds like the inspiration piece. Unfortunately, by now the holidays had started and my pace slowed drastically but I continued on my journey not sure of where this would end up…

To fill the boxes I used different embellishments and added red and green stickles for extra highlights.  I also used my Merry Christmas, candy cane and prima doll stamps. I colored the stamped images with alcohol ink markers and then highlighted them with stickles and that was it!

Although the holiday season has passed I figured at least I would be early this year. Enjoy!!
MerryChristmasMixedMedia_DSC_0001-CandyCane          MerryChristmasMixedMedia_DSC_0001-Tree          MerryChristmasMixedMedia_DSC_0001-Ornament

MerryChristmasMixedMedia_DSC_0001-Merry          MerryChristmasMixedMedia_DSC_0001-Snowflake          MerryChristmasMixedMedia_DSC_0001-Ribbon



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