Love Is In The Air Mixed Media


“Love is in the air” Mixed Media
Created by Sophia Vida

I saw an article in the Somerset Workshop Magazine where the artist created clay pieces that were stitched onto the canvas. I thought that was a really fun idea and couldn’t wait to give it a try. I found a set of really cute cookie cutters by Wilton Cake decorating at my craft store and used those for the heart balloons.

Normally I work with Fimo Polymer Clay but I wanted to try something a little different so I used the Crayola Air Dry clay instead. I found a package where they gave you small individual packets of clay which were perfect since I only needed a small amount for this piece.

I had to improvise with the stitching a bit. The smaller canvases available in my craft store had a large wooden border on the back. This wasn’t quite what I was looking for because I wanted to stitch several hearts and didn’t want to clump them all together in the center of the canvas. So I stitched the hearts first with the floss, glued them in place and then stitched parts of them onto the canvas. This ended up working very well.

For this Project you will need:

– Golden Fiber Paste
Golden Fiber Paste
– Stencil of your choice
– Palette Knife
– Matte Mod Podge
– Faber Castell Pitt Pen
– Acrylic Paints: Turquoise, Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Gloss Red
– Crayola Model Magic .5 oz White – 6 ct
– Heart shaped cookie cutters
– White Floss
– Needle
– Stylus with small point
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– 8″ x 8″ canvas panel
– Gesso
– Small sponge applicator
– Clean water and paper towels

  1. Apply a coat of gesso to your canvas with the sponge applicator and let dry.
  2. Roll out your clay on a clean surface. Using your heart-shaped cookie cutters make 3 large and 2 small hearts. While the clay is still soft, make holes around the edges for the stitching. I used a stylus with a small pointy tip (you can also use a toothpick or skewer). Let dry according to package directions.
  3. Paint your canvas medium blue. Let dry.
  4. Mix a little navy blue paint with the fiber paste. Using a palette knife apply to left side of canvas. Mix a little turquoise blue paint with the fiber paste. Again using the palette knife apply to left and bottom sides of your canvas. You can also use a stencil and apply a little to the right top corner. Let dry. Note: Don’t apply a lot of fiber paste to the center and right side of your canvas. Otherwise your sentiment and hearts will not lay flat and it will be much harder to pierce the canvas when you are stitching the hearts in place.
  5. Paint your hearts with gloss red. Use 2-3 coats for good coverage. Allow to dry between coats.
  6. Now to put it all together. If your canvas has a smaller, thin frame go to Step 7. However, if your canvas has a wide wood frame as shown below, stitch your hearts with the floss first.  Make sure to leave about an 8″ piece of floss at the very bottom to tie off your balloons. Glue the hearts into place and move to Step 8. Note: A few stitches on each side of the hearts will do.

    LoveIsInTheAirDSC_0062Back     LoveIsInTheAirDSC_0061Stitching
  7. Smaller Frame Canvases: Glue your hearts into place with the tacky glue. Then stitch your entire heart onto the canvas. Make sure to leave about an 8″ piece of floss at the very bottom to tie off your balloons.
  8. From your computer print the sentiment “Love is in the air” using the Harrington Font size 28. Using the Pitt pen draw boxes around each word and cut out. Glue your sentiment to the right side of the canvas using the Mod Podge.
  9. Cut a 6″ piece of floss. Wrap it around your balloon strings and tie it off with a bow. Trim as needed. Adhere the back of the bow to the canvas. Pull your balloon strings and tape them underneath your canvas until the glue has dried. Then remove the tape, trim the strings in different lengths. Voila!! You have a beautiful Mixed Media Work of Art!!

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