You Are My Sunshine Zentangle

You Are My Sunshine Zentangle1

“You Are My Sunshine Zentangle”
Created by Sophia Vida

For this Project you will need:

– Sakura Micron Pens in varying sizes
sakura pens
– Kimberly Watercolor Pencils
Kimberly thCA2FHQS2
– Strathmore 400 Series, Watercolor Cold Press 140 lb Paper, 6″ x 12″
– Niji Waterbrush – Medium
– Stardust Stickles
– Paper towels

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to create. So I thought I would start by painting the paper with the pink, orange, yellow and purple Kimberly Watercolor Pencils. I used the Niji Waterbrush with the built-in water reservoir in the handle to activate the colors.

After looking at the colors for a few, I thought it felt like a sunset. Excited that I finally knew where this was going, I quickly grabbed my pencil and started sketching the design. After my sketch was done, I went over it with the No. 5 Micron pen and then filled in my Zentangle patterns. To color the heavier lines and larger areas I switched to the No. 8 Micron pen with the fatter tip. Last I added the sentiment at the bottom “You are my sunshine” also using the No. 8 Micron pen.

I still wasn’t quite satisfied with how it looked so I decided to highlight this piece with Stardust Stickles. Voila!! I had a unique Zentangle piece that was just lots of fun to create!

Thanks for looking and have lots of fun creating your own Zentangle designs!

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You Are My Sunshine Zentangle2          You Are My Sunshine Zentangle3          You Are My Sunshine Zentangle4

You Are My Sunshine Zentangle5          You Are My Sunshine Zentangle6          You Are My Sunshine Zentangle7

You Are My Sunshine Zentangle8


12 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine Zentangle

    • Thanks Lauren!! Zentangling is so much fun and really easy to do. The internet is full of ideas and how to’s. You should definitely give it a try 🙂 You’ll love it 😉 Have a wonderful day!!! ~Sophia

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