Home Is Where The Heart Is


“Home is Where the Heart Is” Mixed Media”
Created by Sophia Vida

     This piece was inspired by an artist featured on page 128 of the March/April 2013 Edition of Somerset Studio Magazine. Her name is Denice Barlow Brown. She has a website at inkstitch.net and you can also find her on Pinterest at pinterest.com/inkstitch/. What I liked most about her work is how she painted the wood panel and finished the piece by adding a branch with beads. So off I went into my backyard to find the perfect branch and then started my project.

For this Project you will need:

– Craft Plywood Panel 1/8″ x 6″ x 12″ (found at local craft store)
– Cartiera Magnani Pescia 7″ x 10″ – 140 lb Watercolor Paper
– Sakura Micron Pens in varying sizes
sakura pens
– Sakura Jelly Roll Pens in assorted colors
Sakura Jelly Roll thCAPTC15Q
– Kimberly Watercolor Pencils (24 count)
Kimberly thCA2FHQS2

– Stickles: Stardust, Ice Blue
– Small Tree Branch – 5″
– Jewelry wire
– Assorted beads
– Wire cutter
– Pliers
– Drill
– Round Watercolor Brush
– Clean water and paper towels

  1. Color the wood with the yellow watercolor pencil. Then brush it with water to activate the color. Let dry.
  2. Cut your watercolor paper down to 5.5″W  x 10″L.
  3. Pencil in your drawing and trace over the pencil with the Sakura Micron pens in varying sizes.
  4. Color your picture with the watercolor pencils. Use a paintbrush with water to activate the colors. Let dry.
  5. Highlight the painting with the Jelly Roll Pens. Then finish it off with Stickles. Let dry.
  6. Drill two small holes about 3/4″ down from the top and 1″ in from each side. Add the beads to the wire and put the ends through the holes and wrap them around the ends of the small branch. You can also add yarn or string to your branch as an extra embellishment.
  7. Glue your painting onto your wood panel and Voila! You have a one of a kind work of art!!

Thanks for looking and have lots of fun making this Home is where the heart is Watercolor Painting!

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DSC_0002edit     DSC_0005edit   DSC_0008edit

DSC_0010edit2     DSC_0010edit3     DSC_0010edit

DSC_0006edit     DSC_0002edit


8 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. That is beautiful and inspiring. Home is truly where the heart is. We can be anywhere in the world but when we are around the people we love, we feel at home, secure, loved and yes, safe. Thanks.

  2. Love this! It’s so bright and cheery and your images are darling. You can’t help but smile when you look at this! I would love this hanging on my wall! The beads, branch, and yarn make it pop. You did a wonderful job with this inspired piece!

    • Thank you so much Vanessa for your wonderful comments! You always put a smile on my face 🙂 This was such a fun and whimsical piece. I added the yarn after it was done because it looked like it needed a little something extra. I’m glad you liked it!!! ~Sophia

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