She Found Herself in Art – Mixed Media

“She Found Herself in Art” Mixed Media

Created by Sophia Vida

This was a fun piece created primarily with cut out pieces of patterned paper. I painted a 9 x 12″ canvas in Folk Art Calypso Blue (including the sides).

Next I sketched my background picture in chalk and started cutting the shapes for the rolling hills, sun and kite. Once I got the layout I wanted, I distressed the tops of the hills with Ranger Tea Dye Ink, glued all the pieces in place and outlined them with a black sharpie marker. I then glued the sun in place and also outlined it with the sharpie. I highlighted the sun with yellow Stickles.

The next step was to draw a few puffy clouds and paint them in white. I accented the bottom of the clouds with watered down Calypso Blue. After the paint dried I outlined the clouds with the black sharpie and highlighted the bottom with the Star Dust Stickles.

Once I sketched the girl, I made a copy and cut out the individual pieces including each panel on the dress. I decided to add a little extra flair to her dress with real ruffled lace. Then I made an extra copy of the girl on white cardstock which I cut out and used as my base to glue all the pieces onto. Look closely and you’ll see that each panel of her dress is from a different piece of cardstock.

Her hair was cut from a small piece of yellow cardstock. With the Prismacolor Pencils I colored her face, neck, arms and legs and accented her hair, dress and shoes with Jelly Roll pens. Next I outlined her a little with the sharpie and accented her hair, dress and headband with the Star Dust Stickles.

Once she was completed, I glued her into place and added the words “In art she found herself.” which  was printed from my computer in Curlz MT font size 30. Then I added Jolee’s Boutique Daisy Flowers.

Last, I glued the kite into place. To make the bows for the kite, I took small pieces of pink tissue paper and tied them with black string and glued them into place. I used the sharpie marker to draw the kite strings and Voila! You have a one of a kind work of art!

Materials used in the Project:

– K&C Company Citrus Blend Stack

– Stickles: Star Dust and Yellow
– White Cardstock
– Prismacolor Colored Pencils
– Assorted Jelly Roll Pens
– Black Sharpie Marker
– Jolee’s Boutique Daisy Flowers
– Pink Tissue Paper
– Black Thread
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– Matte Mod Podge
– Scissors
– Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Tea Dye
– Chalk
– 1/2″ flat brush
– 1/4″ flat brush
– Clean water, paper towels, wax-coated paper plates for paint palette
– Sketch: Feel free to use this sketch for personal use. If you prefer, I can e-mail you a copy of the sketch in a PDF file format. Just let me know.

Thanks for looking and have lots of fun making this Mixed Media Art!

Additional Pictures:

DSC_0023edit          DSC_0023editskirtonly

DSC_0023editwordsonly          DSC_0024editkiteandcloud

For those interested, this is the book “Collage Couture” by Julie Nutting that inspired this piece:


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9 thoughts on “She Found Herself in Art – Mixed Media

  1. Another gorgeous piece of art! I love your style! The lace and the skirt panels are beautifully done and the sharpie adds such a nice definition to all of the pieces! I would love to have this hanging in my craft room!!! It makes me smile! 🙂

    • Thanks Vanessa!!! I probably should have used a thicker sharpie but I was afraid of overdoing it so I stayed with the smaller one. But this piece makes me smile too 🙂 ~Sophia

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