Alcohol Ink Book Marks


Alcohol Ink Bookmarks (measures 2-1/2″ x 7-1/4″)
Created by Sophia Vida

– White Glossy Cardstock
– Colored Alcohol Inks and Gold/Silver Alcohol Inks
– Alcohol Ink Stamper and Felt Pads

– Alcohol Ink Blending Solution
– Assorted Punches, Stamps, Embellishments (whatever you have on hand will do)
– Clear Plastic Bookmark Sleeve
– Glue Stick
– Foam Squares
– Your Imagination

Bookmarks are fun to make for your own personal use or you can make them as gifts for family and friends. They are also a great craft for kids’ parties because they are so easy to make. The best part is you can use your scrap paper and leftover embellishments!

There is not a lot of instruction with this project because bookmark sleeves vary in sizes depending on where you buy them. So although I may give you specifics on what I made, yours will more than likely be completely different. The only requirement is that you add a little imagination and let your creativity fly! Most importantly have fun!

I recommend using glossy paper with the alcohol inks because it works best with the inks. You can stamp images on top of the inks and heat emboss them. It looks fantastic!

  1. To start, place the felt pad on the ink stamper. Add a few drops of 2 or 3 different colors of alcohol inks to the felt pad and randomly stamp your glossy paper. Leave a little white space.
  2. Add a little silver or gold alcohol ink to the pad along with a little of the blending solution. Then stamp over your colored areas and blend. You can stamp the solution, give it a twirl or swipe it across the paper. Experiment and see what you like. The various effects are beautiful!
  3. Once you have the desired look you can cut the cardstock to fit inside of your plastic book mark sleeve. Check your fit. Tip: If you want to add layers, just cut pieces of coordinating cardstock and layer your pieces with the alcohol ink paper on top so it will be most visible.
  4. You can stamp images on top of the alcohol inks and even heat emboss them. Add any embellishments and finish it off with some ribbon or yarn and a charm if you like. The possibilities are endless! Voila! You have a beautiful one of a Bookmark!!!

Have lots of fun making these Alcohol Ink Bookmarks!



Butterfly Bookmark
The inks used on the Butterfly bookmark were Purple Twilight, Sunset Orange, Sunshine Yellow and Gold. After I cut my background piece, I used the left over paper to punch and layer butterflies.

Dream Bookmark
The inks used on the Dream bookmark were Stream, Wild Plum, Butterscotch and Silver. Once dry, I heat embossed the letters and added rhinestone embellishments.

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10 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Book Marks

    • Hi Vanessa! These would make great gifts especially with school back in session. My favorite bookmarks are Halloween and fall because I love the warm colors. Glad to see you’re back too! Things have been a little hectic but I’m so happy to be able to get back to my crafting. Have a wonderful afternoon!!! ~Sophia

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