Cricut Valentine Card

Cricut Valentine Card (measures 5.5″ x 5.5″)
Created by Sophia Vida

– Cartridge Used: Wild Card
– Cardstock Colors: White, Pearl White, Bubble Gum Pink, Garnet Red, Pink/White Multi
– Stickles – Christmas Red
– White Thin Yarn
– 1 Red Heart Rhinestone
– Glue Stick

This is such a great card! All cuts are made from the same Cricut Cartridge.

  1. Cut a 4-3/4″ <Liner><Shift><Heart-s> on Pearl White cardstock. This makes the inside liner for the envelope.
  2. Cut a 4-3/4″ <Shift><Heart-s> on White cardstock. This will make the outside of the envelope.
  3. Cut a 5″ <Blackout><Heart> on White cardstock. This will make the inside liner for your card.
  4. Cut a 5-3/4″ <Phrase><Heart> on White cardstock. This will be the underlying layer for your “Be my Valentine” sentiment.
  5. Cut a 5″ <Heart> on Red Garnet cardstock. This will be the outside layer for your card.
  6. Cut a 5-3/4″ <Phrase> <Heart> on Red Garnet cardstock. This will be the top layer for your Valentine sentiment you cut in Step 4.
  7. Cut a 2″ <Icon><Shift><Heart-s> on Red Garnet. This will be one of the envelope decorations.
  8. Repeat Step 7 for the second decoration. Note: Keep both of the largest heart cut outs from these Icon cuts for the envelope decoration.
  9. Cut a 5″ <Frame><Heart> on the Multi Colored Pink/White cardstock.
  10. Cut a 5″ <Frame><Heart> on Bubble Gum Pink cardstock.
  11. Glue the Multi Colored Heart frame from Step 9 to the top of the Red Heart card from Step 5. Make sure to line up the holes on the frame and card.
  12. Starting at the bottom hole on the point of the heart, thread the thin white yarn, in and out of the holes. Once you’ve gone through all the holes, cut the ends and glue them to the back of the red card.
  13. Take the inside pink heart from the frame you cut in Step 10 and glue it inside the Multi Colored frame on the front of the card.
  14. Glue the Red card directly on top of the White card from Step 3. Fold in half where indicated.
  15. Glue the white “Be my Valentine” sentiment to the center of the pink heart on your card. Next, glue the red “Be my Valentine” sentiment on top of the white sentiment. Slightly offset it so you see a little of the white underneath.
  16. Glue the red heart rhinestone underneath the Valentine sentiment.
  17. Assemble your envelope. Glue the inside liner to the inside of the envelope. Once dry fold the top flap down where indicated.
    Next fold the right, left and bottom sides of the envelope where indicated by the fold marks. Glue all seams.
  18. Turn the envelope over so the front is on top and the flap is open. With the Christmas Red Stickles follow the cut outlines on the flap of the envelope. Let dry.
  19. Next glue the two small heart clusters to the top right and left corners on the front of the envelope. Use both of the largest heart cut outs and glue them to the bottom left and right corners. When finished, the front of your envelope and back flap will look like this:
  20. Voila! You have a beautiful one of a kind Valentine’s Day Card with matching envelope, made with lots of love!!!

Have fun making this Cricut Valentine Card!

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9 thoughts on “Cricut Valentine Card

    • Thanks Scarlett! Yes the Cricut is amazing. There are so many cartridges to choose from with such a wide variety of images. I’ve seen people use them to create cake top decorations, party favors and stencils to name a few. The possibilities are endless!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Sophia

  1. Hi Sophia! Lovely LOVELY Card! Your posts are so detailed and it is so wonderful how you take the time to give all the instructions on how you made it. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations with us!!
    Lisa 🙂

  2. Hi Sophia! I wanted to check out your creations since I’ve missed quite a bit with my father’s surgery/recovery. He’s doing so well now and I have been able to craft again. I was missing it! I love this card from Wild Card! I am always tickled to see others’ creations using the Wild Card cards and envelopes. I love how you weaved the yarn in the frame’s cut outs. I never thought to do that on one I made my hubby last year! I will have to try that next time! It adds a nice detail to the card. I also love the heart gem. Cute card and envelope!

    • Thanks Vanessa! Glad to hear from you again. Even more glad to hear that your father is doing so well. I’m going to try making the larger cards and envelopes with the Cricut. I’m following the instructions from your blog and I bought the larger Cricut cutting mat. Now I just need the larger sized paper and I’ll be ready to go. Thanks for all your help!!! All the best~ Sophia

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