Autumn Wheat Centerpiece

Autumn Wheat Centerpiece
(created by Sophia Vida)

For this project you will need:

– 2 bundles of wheat
– 2 yds of 2-1/2″ Wide Harvest Colored Wired Ribbon
– 1 piece coordinating pipe cleaner stem to match your ribbon
– 24″ Floral Wire
– Wire Cutters
– Scissors
– 1 large rubber band
– 1 book 6-7″ in length and about 1″ thick (be creative there are so many things you can use for this – it doesn’t have to be exact)

This is a super easy fun project to make that looks great as a table centerpiece or home decor. The wheat bundles can be found at your local craft or grocery stores this time of year. Depending on the size of the wheat bundle, you may want to purchase 2 so that when combined your finger tips can almost wrap around the base.

  1. Put your wheat together in one bundle and secure with the rubber band.
  2. Using the wire cutters, cut a 24″ piece of floral wire and wrap it around the middle of the stem of the bundle several times and twist the ends closed. Cut off any excess with the cutters and tuck the ends back into the bundle so you won’t get poked.
  3. Work the bottom part of the wheat stems and spread them a little to make it stand.
  4. Cut about a 15″ piece of ribbon and wrap it around the bundle covering the floral wire and tie it off. Tuck the ends back under the ribbon.
  5. Using your remaining ribbon, leave a 6″ piece of ribbon loose then start wrapping the ribbon lengthwise around your book. You should make 3 complete circles around the book and end up with about a 8″ piece of ribbon for the other end. (Note: Each wrap around the book equals two loops on the bow)
  6. Carefully slide the ribbon off the book and pinch it together in the center. Using the pipe cleaner stem wrap it around the center and twist.
  7. Bring the longer end piece back around the front to make a loop and secure it with the pipe cleaner stem through the middle of the loop. Then secure the bow with the pipe cleaner stem to the ribbon around the base of the wheat bundle.
  8. Cut the ends of the ribbon so they are both about the same length.
  9. Shape your bow and end pieces. Voila! You have a beautiful autumn centerpiece.

Tips: For extra pizzaz, add some dried florals or colorful feathers to your centerpiece. Also, if bow making is not your thing, just buy a pre-made bow and attach it to your bundle with coordinating ribbon.

Thanks for looking and have lots of fun making this Autumn Wheat Centerpiece!

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6 thoughts on “Autumn Wheat Centerpiece

  1. Hi Sophia! Hubby and I have been out of town for the last few days and I got online today and saw your post! I love this project and your bow is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on how to make the bow using a book and how to wrap it. This is an area that I am always needing help with! LOL 🙂 This is a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece – I love the wheat bundle and your choice of ribbon is wonderful!

    • Thanks Vanessa! It took a little to get the hang of it. But once I got going it was pretty simple to modify it and make more simple bows or even large elaborate ones. Have a wonderful evening! ~Sophia

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