Autumn Leaves Artwork

Autumn Leaves

Suitable for All Levels
Completion Time Approximately: 3-4 hours
By: Sophia Vida

 This was originally featured on our main website. We decided to publish it as a post so more readers could enjoy! Happy Crafting!!!


– Golden Yellow Cardstock 12 x 12
– Scrapbook Frame 12 x 12
– Strathmore 9×12 Watercolor Paper – 140lb Cold Pressed
– Princeton ½” One-Stroke Flat Watercolor Brush
– Princeton Round Size 6 Watercolor Brush
– Raphael Travel Watercolor Set (available at, or
– Stickles Red Glitter
– 1 ½” – 2” Cut out letters spelling the word “A u t u m n”
– Glue Dots
– Black brush tip pen

Basic Supplies

– Blue Painters Tape
– Paper Towels
– Water Container
– Spray bottle with water
– Clear work surface for painting


  1. Using the painters tape, tape the edges of the watercolor paper to your work surface. Leave a ¼” to ½” border. Tip: make 2 light pencil marks on each side ¼” to ½” from the edge to help guide you on where to put the tape. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun!
  2. Dip your flat ½” One-Stroke brush in the clean water and wet the entire piece of watercolor paper. You don’t want to make puddles but make sure to get it good and wet. 
  3. Activate your watercolors by spraying the colors you will be using with a little water. The colors used in this example were red, green, yellow, purple and orange. 
  4. Dip your Size 6 round brush in the clean water and dab the excess water on a paper towel. Then pick up your first color (the choice is yours). Use the brush to paint leaf like images in a few scattered places. Rinse your brush in water, then  pick up your next color and do the same until you almost cover the entire page. You want to leave a little white space here and there. Tip: Make sure to rinse your brush each time you change colors so you don’t muddy your paints. Also, you want the colors to run together in some places on your paper to give you a very unique look and create a new colors as they mix. Let dry. 
  5. While your artwork dries, use the Red Glitter Stickle to outline your “AUTUMN” letters. Let Dry. Tip: You can use a Cricut Machine to cut out the letters or visit the scrapbooking section in your local art and craft store to find precut letters. You could also use a stencil and cut the letters yourself. 
  6. Once your painting is complete dry, gently peel off the painters tape. Use your imagination to draw in broken lines for the leaf and the leaf veins with the black brush marker. 
  7. After everything has completely dried, mount the watercolor paper to the top edge of yellow cardstock using glue dots. This will leave about a 3” yellow border at the bottom of your picture. In the yellow area at the bottom, center your Autumn letters and mount them across the yellow cardstock using the glue dots. Tip:  Remember to test your placement of the letters in your frame before gluing them on to make sure they don’t get cut off by the edge of the frame. 

Thanks for looking and enjoy making your Autumn Leaves Artwork!

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